Twelfth Night 2021


Twelfth Night Crownination:  Crown Harder

As we celebrate the New Year, Their Majesties complete their travels across the Kingdom. This reign has been long and plague ridden, with the Crown being isolated in Their home for much of their tenure. Heirs have not yet been chosen, and as we come through this period of pestilence, the Barony of Politarchopolis is the last stop before King Theuderic and Queen Englin retire to their lands for a well-deserved retirement. 

We invite one and all to enjoy the hospitality of the Barony and its Duchies, Counties and Houses to celebrate Twelfth Night with a Crown Tourney and Coronation. This will be a spectacle to revel for Lochac and all her glory!



Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th January 2021


Saturday – St John’s Anglican Church 45 Constitution Ave Reid ACT 2612

Sunday – Garran Scout Hall, 123 Kitchener Street Garran ACT 2605


This event will have livestreaming of the Crown Tourney and Coronation. There will also be digital photography occurring with images uploaded to social media platforms. For further information, please contact the Steward.